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About us

A Fairytale Wedding in a Beautiful Decor!

Entirely made of ice and snow, the Hôtel de Glace offers a fascinating decor and a one of a kind experience. With its magnificent sculptures, its majestic ice chandelier, its 40+ rooms and uniquely designed suites, its romantic chapel and its popular ice slide, the Hôtel de Glace impresses by its unique character and magical design.

Located just 20 minutes away from downtown Québec City, the Hôtel de Glace is a must see attraction between nature and urbanity. Discover all the excitement Nature has to offer while having an on site access to bars, restaurants, and accommodations. With its decors and limitless possibilities, our unique ice hotel has all the ingredients for an unforgettable event.

The Hôtel de Glace’s chapel offers all the romance and the exoticism that you can wish for on this very important day. Whether it is for a wedding or a renewal of vows, the Hôtel de Glace’s chapel promises unforgettable memories and beautiful pictures. Choose the Hôtel de Glace for a white and wonderful romantic wedding destination which will create lasting memories for you and your guests.

Since its beginning, the Hôtel de Glace has welcomed over 200 couples from all around the world, including same-sex couples, who decided to unite their destiny.



“I just had the most incredible weekend of my life staying at the Hotel de Glace on Sunday night. It was absolutely breathtaking. As soon as we walked into our gorgeous bedroom, my boyfriend dropped to one knee and proposed to me. It was truly the most enchanted weekend I have ever experienced. I am so happy you created the magical and romantic atmosphere to make it a spectacular success! Thank you again for making such a special fantasy weekend a reality for my fiancée and me.”

Mariah Titlow