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Angel and Keith's Dream Wedding

High school sweethearts tie the knot at the Hôtel de Glace

"We chose to get married in Quebec City rather than in British Columbia because of the venue, and as an added bonus both of our families and many friends live in Ontario which is a much cheaper and easier for travel time constraints."
"A cocktail reception with food and drink at the Ice Bar at the Ice Hotel Quebec City first, followed by cocktail reception with champagne and appetizers at the Four Points by Sheraton Quebec City, and full sit down dinner reception in the Ballroom at the Four Points as well."
"Xavier has been doing photography at the Ice Hotel since it first opened. We were married there in 2012 in the hotels 12th season. Who better to take perfect photos of our day then the man who has taken the most photos there."


  • What is your maiden name: Jutzi
  • What is your husband's name: Keith
  • What are your occupations? Angel - Founder/Artistic Director of Zebra Eyes Contemporary Dance, Professional Dancer | Keith - Aluminum Anodizer

Angel and Keith’s story began in high school where the two met in a small town, “I actually knew Keith’s Dad before I knew Keith through a family friend at the dance studio I was training at the time.” Angel and Keith were recently married at the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City, Quebec Canada.

The two were destined for marriage, only they didn’t know it at first. When asked if it were love at first sight, their answer was a little different, “Intrigue at first sight, most definitely”. The couple has a long history together, but it wasn’t until a cross country journey brought them close together.

Angel and Keith met when they were 14 & 15 years old respectfully. It was a family relationship for many years until they crossed paths while both venturing to Vancouver for work, “We met on different terms five years later. I had moved to Vancouver to take part in a dance program and Keith had moved to Whistler to work on the mountain. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight then either. Keith had my phone number through a mutual friend and called me up for a coffee”. The journey to British Columbia turned into a dream wedding in Quebec!

The two were engaged on Christmas day, where Keith proposed during their 6th Christmas together while spending their holiday alone at their recently purchased first home, and Angel had no idea it was coming, fortunately for them it’s all caught on camera.

“I was baffled, and beyond words. I believe the first words out of my mouth were, “Is this a joke?” I have never been so surprised by anything! Unfortunately, for my sake, the whole event is on video, as a few friends of ours had joined us by this point, and a good friend of ours who knew what Keith had planned was quick on the camera”.

When it came down to planning their wedding they were very intrigued by the Hotel de Glace as it is close to family and friends in Ontario and Quebec region and Angel has always loved the snowy scene in Father of the Bride. Her matron of honour helped spark the idea of tying the knot at the Hotel de Glace, “She (matron of honour) was quick to ask a million and one questions, and all I really had to appease her was that I had always thought winter weddings were pretty. (I loved the scene in Father of the Bride when it snows!) Upon telling her, now, husband, he said we should get married at the Ice Hotel in Quebec City”. And that was that.

Angel and Keith had the wedding of their dreams at our exotic winter wedding venue at Hotel de Glace and here is how they went from the planning stages to the final wedding ceremony with us in Quebec City.

The Guests

  • How many guests did you take? 76
  • Where did they stay? At the Four Points by Sheraton Quebec City.

The Ceremony

  • Where did the ceremony take place? In the Ice Chapel at the Ice Hotel Quebec City.
  • How long did the ceremony last? 30 minutes
  • Who married you? Louis LaFrance. He has been officiating marriages at the Ice Hotel since it first opened.
  • Who gave you away? My Father.
  • Were there any local customs or rituals included in the ceremony that were traditional for the country where you married? No.

Magic Moments

What was your best memory?

The whole day! I know it sounds cliché, but it was spectacular from start to finish! Everyone always says, something goes, wrong, and it all goes by so fast. But, nothing went wrong, and the day didn’t seem to fly by. We revelled in every moment, and after 3.30am we decided we were ready for it to be over. We planned and executed the perfect day and we got to enjoy every second together! That is my best memory.

Standing beside Keith, and watching the photo slideshow he had prepared is also a great memory. To see how he saw us, our journey to where we are, laid out in sequence through his hard work, was a beautiful moment for us.

Funniest memories?

The best man carrying a groomsman away from the podium, swung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes because he was disrupting the speeches. We had quite the boistrous crowd! No laughs were spared!

Some hilarous poems were written in our honour as well, and some of the speeches from the wedding party were unbelievably hilarious!

On Budget?

How much did it all cost?

I believe in the end we stayed under $50,000.

Was that on budget or over budget?

Definitely over. Our original budget was $20-25, 000. We had over two years to plan the wedding, and the original budget quickly became unrealistic.

Further Information

Wedding planner:

Elisabeth Boudreau : Ice Hotel Quebec City
Joane Dubé et Mily Ouelette : Four Points by Sheraton Québec


Ice Hotel Quebec City
Four Points by Sheraton Québec


Xavier Dachez and Kevin DesLauriers