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Treva and David's Dream Wedding

One surprise after another at the Hôtel de Glace

"We knew that we wanted to have a destination wedding and we both love the winter so we thought that this was a once in a life-time opportunity to have it at Hotel de Glace"
"Treva had been to the Hotel de Glace in a previous year and had fallen in love with it. We both feel that Quebec City is a very romantic city and very beautiful."
"We did a traditional rose ceremony that is traditional in the Quebec culture. You exchange a red rose as your first gift as husband and wife, a single rose, as we all know, in the language of flowers, the (red) rose is the symbol of love."


  • What is your maiden name: Job
  • What is your husband's name: David Grzela
  • What are your occupations? Treva - Nurse practitioner | David - Powerline Maintainer

Treva and David’s journey started online where they met and began their relationship. It was love at first site for this couple and there was no doubt that there was something in the air from their very first date.

“Something told me that I needed to make sure that I went out on a send date with him as he was very intriguing the first time we met and I knew we had to see each other again and that is when I knew.”

It was a typical evening for the couple at Treva’s house when David built up the courage to ask his beautiful girlfriend to take his hand in marriage, and she was more than surprised when David tricked her with a “special present”.

“I thought it was ear rings or a necklace. As I opened the little box he started to tell me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and asked me to marry him! Of course I was crying in the excitement and the amazement of the ring, I said yes!”

A destination wedding was key for Treva and David, but picking that ideal location was all surrounded by the winter wedding theme. Treva’s past experience at the Hotel de Glace is how they came to choose our wedding venue for their location, she came, she saw, she fell in love with the wonder of Quebec City and our exotic winter wedding setting.

“The themes change from year to year and we knew that they would never build the same theme again. This in itself is very unique and would allow our friends and family to take part in a magical and different experience attending our wedding.”

As everyone knows, it is very tough to plan and coordinate a dream wedding. Good thing our staff is here every step of the way to ensure your fantasy wedding comes to life. Treva and David planned every step of the way, well in advance so that their wedding went off without a hitch.

“We planned the basics and then met with Hotel de Glace in October (3 months before opening). We also had met with a bunch of the restaurants in the City that weekend we had went up to meet with Hotel de Glace. This helped us to give our ideas and clarify what we wanted for our special day preparing for the wedding planner.”

Treva and David coordinated their dream wedding with our wedding planner Elisabeth Boudreau and experienced a beautiful winter wedding. Here some more details on their wedding at Hotel de Glace:

The Guests

  • How many guests did you take? 36
  • Where did they stay? Four Points Sheraton and a few downtown Quebec City at Holiday Inn

The Ceremony

  • Where did the ceremony take place? In the Ice Chapel at the Ice Hotel Quebec City.
  • How long did the ceremony last? 1 hour
  • Who married you? Louis LaFrance
  • Who gave you away? My Father.
  • Were there any local customs or rituals included in the ceremony that were traditional for the country where you married? We did a traditional rose ceremony that is traditional in the Quebec culture. You exchange a red rose as your first gift as husband and wife, a single rose, as we all know, in the language of flowers, the (red) rose is the symbol of love. You are then asked to place these roses in your home and refer to them from time to time as a reminder of your love.

Photographic Memories

Tell me about the photography – who did your photos and did you have a video too?

Photographer supplied in the package was fantastic and well suited for the venue. He was very experienced for that type of photography. Xavier Dachez and Kevin Desjardins

Which is your favourite wedding photo and why?

There are so many to choose from….our favourite picture is the one of us in the tunnel and I am not wearing my fur bolero jacket. Plus the one in the Avalanche room in Hotel de Glace.

Magic Moments

What was your best memory?

Seeing each other in the chapel as we are about to get married as we were looking at one another as I was coming down the aisle and knowing that this was where we were supposed to be at that exact moment. Plus having our closest family and friends with us for our special day.

Funniest memories?

Going down the ice slide in our wedding attire and our ring holder bringing us the rings on a little bon homme clip as it was festival time when we were there. It was also funny to see other peoples reactions while we were walking around to get our pictures taken and the photogrophers yelling at everyone to move so they could take the picture. We all travelled down to the restaurant in a big bus so that we all could have a good time and it was great to have everyone there laughing and telling funny stories of what happened throughout the day!

Any disasters?

None the day was stress free

On Budget?

How much did it all cost?

12, 000 dollars (Canadian)

Was that on budget or over budget?

On budget

Further information

Wedding planner

Elisabeth Boudreau: Ice Hotel Quebec City
Joane Dube and Mily Ouelett: Four Points by Sheraton Quebec


Ice Hotel Quebec City


Xavier Dachez and Kevin DesLauriers